How to Breed Plankton Dragon in Dragon City

Plankton Dragon – Dragon City Breeding Combinations

Plankton Adult

To breed this Terra/Sea hybrid, you will first require your parent dragons to be level 10 or higher. They can either be hybrids or legendary dragons. However, for the best chance to get it, try the following combinations:

Remember, they both have to level 10 or higher.

Any Legendary(Nirobi, Droconos, Wind, Legendary, Crystal or Mirror) + Armadillo

Good luck as you try to get it. If you want to see more dragon combinations, click here.


  1. Christian Faulkner says

    I bred a lvl 10 waterfall with a lvl 10 sea and it says I have to wait20 hours so im assuming I got it on the first try

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