How to Breed Nirobi Dragon in Dragon City

Nirobi Dragon – Dragon City Breeding Combinations

Nirobi Baby

To get the Nirobi Dragon, you can use the following dragons:

Any Pure Dragon + Any other Pure Dragon ~ Nirobi

For example,

Pure + Pure

Pure Flame + Pure Dark

Pure Nature + Pure Sea

Pure Electric + Pure Ice

Pure Terra + Pure Metal Combo Legendary

Any other pure combinations will work as well. The odds of getting one is low though, so you will want to keep trying till you get one. If you would like to see other dragon combinations, click here.


  1. Katy says

    Hi help me please I have been trying to breed mirror dragon but no luck please give me a combination that works thanks

    • yames says

      If you breed pure with pure you will get a legend but it takes time a good way of getting results is to breed the same two over and over with out switching to any other method i bred my pure nature and pure dark 4 times in a row and got crystal….I then bred pure metal and pure fire 3 times in a row and got mirror, its luck and nothing else there is no one combination to get any legend that i know of just got to keep trying really helps having a breeding tree and mountain

      • DevilishMiner says

        I actually breeded mine, it was before they made him look like an actual dragon, he used to look like a unicorn, it took me a while, it was armadillo and cool fire or something i forgot, but you don’t neceseraly need to buy him.

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