How to Breed Mirror Dragon in Dragon City

How to Breed Mirror Dragon in Dragon City Fast

Mirror Dragon

To get the Mirror Dragon in Dragon City, you will need some luck if you want to get it quickly. You will need 2 pure hybrids. You can start buying a pure dragon in the shop at 38 for 15 mil. You can then use it to breed the following pure hybrids:

Pure + Flame = Pure Flame

Pure + Terra = Pure Terra

Pure + Metal = Pure Metal

Pure + Nature = Pure Nature

Pure + Sea = Pure Sea

Pure + Ice = Pure Ice

Pure + Dark = Pure Dark

Pure + Electric = Pure Electric

Pure Terra + Pure Metal Combo Legendary

Once you get any of them, you can then breed them together for a chance to get a Mirror Dragon. If you get a breeding time of 56 hours, you have successfully breed either a Legendary, Crystal, Mirror , Nirobi, Droconos or Wind Dragon. It just takes some luck to get the ones you want. Good luck!