How to Breed a Gummy Dragon in Dragon City Fast

How to Breed Gummy Dragon in Dragon City

How to Get a Gummy Dragon in Dragon City Fast

Today I am going to give you the fastest way to get a gummy dragon. Since the gummy dragon has an element of nature and electric, you can achieve this by using a generation 2 dragon that has either nature or electric element and breed it with the generation 1 dragon. Here are the following dragons you will need:

Should you use a nature hybrid dragon:

Tropical or Cactus[Both are Terra + Nature] + electric dragon will give you the best chance to get a gummy dragon. It is also the fastest way.

Alternatively, you can also go the electric hybrid route:

Star or Chameleon[Both are Terra + Electric] + nature dragon will also produce the gummy dragon.

These are easy to breed as they only require Terra, Nature or Electric element to attain the required elements for the gummy dragon.

Check out the Breeding Chart if you have questions.



  1. says

    how to breed a gummydragon


  2. BillBill says

    I keep breeding tropical and electric, I always got the Star Dragon. Now, I have 7 Star Dragon. I try the another one: Laser and Dandelion. I got Gummy at the first try.

    • Kenny says

      1) Participate in the Dragon League Tournament in the Combat World located at the bottom right of the game screen. You use your dragons to fight other player’s dragons. Once you win the tourney, you will be awarded 2 gems and some gold. You can combat 3 players every 6 hours, so use it whenever you can!

      2) Build a Dragon Stadium and use your dragons to fight in it. Each tournament you win gives you 2 gems and some gold.

      3) The daily bonus reward located on the right side of the game screen gives you a small chance to win 45 gems. I have yet to win it once, so good luck with that.

      4) Leveling up gives you 1 gem.

      5) Participate in surveys to earn gems. Some might require credit card/personal information. Not a good way if you are not willing to give out info.

      6) The Monday reward gives you 4 gems if you pick the right prize.

    • SingingCat says

      Keep trying, I suppose. I got the Medieval on my first try with Flame and Metal. Both of my dragons were level 10, though, so it might help if your dragons are high-level.

  3. Madhukar Goyal says

    how to pure,legendary and mirror dragon in combat world in one battle only i don’t have any legendary dragon i’m on lvl 28

  4. Madhukar Goyal says

    how to defeat pure,legendary and mirror dragon in combat world in one battle only i don’t have any legendary dragon i’m on lvl 28

    • Rahul.Kotecha says

      They don’t have any weaknesses. I use my best trained dragons(i.e Lvl 16 Wyvern,Lvl 16 Gold, Lvl 16 Gummy all trained fully.)

  5. Angus says

    Hi Kenny . I would like to ask you about how to breed a droconos dragon or a nirobi dragon??????
    I would like to ask about the legendary dragons weakness that I can use. I am on lvl 21 . I have only 3 rare hybrids and a lightning dragon on lvl 15. It already have every trainable attackwith 3 silver star .the soccer dragon is also on lvl 15 and with only 3 trainable attacks & 2 silver star

  6. Allen says

    I’m just about ready to pulp my hair out with breeding a Gummy Dragon. I have tried several different combinations. The last 3 time I have went with Cactus and Electric both level 10 and I have had zero luck please help.

  7. Sky says

    I have tried so many combo for Gummy, all I got were DUMMY DRAGONS!!!!! wth…

    Tried generations 2+2, generations 2+1, 1+2, and still dummies!

    Gonna try again until I get a G, instead of D…..

    goooooooooooood luck to me!

  8. rainbow kitty says

    how do i breed these dragons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cool fire
    pure unicorn(pure)
    blue fire
    great white
    pure dark
    hearts queen
    deus pet dragon
    pure flame
    black knight
    dark elf
    pure electric
    pure ice
    pure sea
    ice cube
    pure nature
    two headed

    seriously i really want all these dragons so submit a comment telling me all of this!!!!!! i seriously want kenny to answer this message

  9. Yi thong tan says

    I know some rare dragons that haven’t be out yet so you can see some dragon that are not breedable:

    1.Midas Dragon
    2.Atlas Dragon
    3.Centipede Dragon
    4.Evil Pumpkin Dragon
    5.Ninja Dragon
    6.Rockfella Dragon
    7.White Knight Dragon
    8.Black Knight Dragon

  10. Tammy says

    Could some one tell me what I need to get a soccer dragon, A pure & legendary and does it matter who’s on which side like right or left?? Thank you so kindly for your help

  11. rainbow kitty says

    is the pure dragon breedable??? because i really want droconos dragon and i need pure unicorn dragon so please tell me!!!!!!!!!

    im on level 14 i think

  12. rainbow kitty says

    kenny i have been going on this website that used to show every single dragon in dragon city, but now all it shows is like 6 dragons!!!!!!!!! please answer this immediately i need to know why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. lilly says

    Ok. Ive tried just about every combination with the recommendations mentioned above and I still cant get a gumm6 dragon. Everything but…
    Dunno if I am doing something wrong?
    Does it matter which generation you pick first? And do levels of the dragons make a difference?


    • Yi Thong Tan says

      Go to the shop then click buildings, find training center. I have a level 15 medival dragon which I name it Dragon Warrior it has all 4 trainable attacks.

  14. Kayla Hartmann says

    I need the poo dragon.. how to please I always do dark and mud… Get the same result every time headhog

  15. Dragon City Player says

    Took me a few times but I did get the gummy dragon thanks to this guide. Now my gummy dragon is one of my favorites cause the dragon is cute. Plus it has some great battle attacks :) Totally worth it!! Here is the combo I used: Tropical Dragon with Star Dragon
    It should take ten hours to breed!!

  16. says

    hello all, legendary dragon (lvl 17) soccer dragon ( lvl 17) breeding time 1 day and 7 ours ? thats new :-)… pirate dragon / colossal dragon = hammer dragon …………………………………mouli try pure dragons i believe you can buy 1 at lvl 34 or 35 . then breed pure with nature ..or pure with ice…. if you got that then breed 2 pure then you have chance for legendary if you dont understand see breeding guide.. have funn breeding ;-)

  17. ThePsychoBear says

    I would say using spicy and moose would work.
    Also firebird and moose.
    Also Spicy and Fluorescent
    And Firebird and Fluorescent.

  18. aoun says

    hi guys especially Kenny
    i am trying to breed gummy dragon but getting others like steam punk and star and moose etc can anyone give me a 100%working combination

  19. rainbow kitty says

    i visited someone on level 19 with the breeding sanctuary unlocked. i am on level 20 and i don’t have it unlocked. why is this?

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