How to Breed a Cool Fire Dragon in Dragon City Fast

How to Breed Cool Fire Dragon Guide

How to Breed Cool Fire Dragon Dragon City

Since the Cool Fire Dragon cannot be bred directly from the generation 1 dragons of flame and ice, you will have to use a flame hybrid dragon to mate with the ice dragon.

For a quick way to breed one, use:

Alpine(Terra+Ice) + Medieval(Flame+Metal) = Cool Fire

You can also get Armadillo and Soccer as well, which is good.

Check out the Breeding Chart if you have questions.



  1. edel says

    u can also breed
    1. pearl dragon(ice+metal) + flaming rock dragon(terra+fire)
    2. ice dragon (ice) + flaming rock dragon(terra+fire)

    try it ;)

  2. says

    Kenny, you know the guide with the legendery dragon is not true becouse yesturday in the combat i defeated him with my mud dragon level 7.

    • Luka says

      You can also get cool fire dragon by breeding snowflake dragon ((lvl 9)) and volcano dragon ((lvl 7)) .. if the breeding time has 12 hrs, then congrats! you got cool fire dragon. It worked for me ^ o ^

  3. says

    I have bred medevil and alpine 4 times , got 2 flaming rock , a soccer and haven’t been able to get the one dragon I need , cool fire :P .. fed up big time , nothing works , even tried switching , alpine to medevil .. doesn’t give the wanted outcome :(

  4. dragoncity says

    Breed a Pearl Dragon and a Flaming Rock Dragon until you get a Cool Fire Dragon.
    The most efficient method of breeding a Cool Fire dragon is to breed
    a Pearl Dragon and a Flaming Rock Dragon together. If you don’t get the Cool Fire dragon the first time, don’t be discouraged, you’ll get lucky soon enough.

    other methods to get cool fire
    Alpine + mediveal=cool fire
    Mediveal+pearl=cool fire
    flaming rock+platinum=cool fire

    • coolfirefirsttime says

      i breed icecube dragon plus laser dragon and got the cool fire dragon first time in this order Icecube+laser

  5. says

    i breed alpine and medival and get a coccer.. and i breed agin alpine and laser and get platinum dragon??? wat easy to get cool fire dragon in one breed??????

  6. Dom says

    I’ve tried SO many times breeding medieval+alpine and I don’t get cool fire. Do they have to be a certain level?

  7. Ryunabe says

    You can also breed Flaming rock dragon( fire+terra ) and ice dragon for coldfire dragon. I tried it and its possibility i around 75-85 %

  8. Slem BouGacha says

    hi i tried for about 30 times alpine and medieval but i always get either soccer , armadillo or flaming rock :/

  9. Yi thong tan says

    Well……I wonder I breed snowflake dragon(level 7) and volcano dragon (level 7). If it takes 15 hours, what dragon it should be???

  10. Yi thong tan says

    And I breeded snowflake dragon(level7) and vocano dragon (level7) ,it take 12 hours. I thought it was cool fire dragon. When it came out, it was alpine dragon. Okay it’s fine I don’t have a alpine dragon.

  11. Yi thong tan says

    Um……..sorry for typing so many comments. Anyway this is the last comment Kenny is the Robin Hood dragon breedable or not?

  12. jrottweilerrage says

    I truly need help, I am stuck for the last 3 days in combat. I have to battle a level 45 with a high leveled pure dragon. What dragon defeats a pure dragon?

  13. Anne says

    some how i bred a Hammer Dragon, looks like a hammerhead on steroids, was bred using pure water + metal (i think), its combo is metal and water

  14. Jose says

    Hey look I’m a level 17 in dragon city I’m not cut out for this work but is there a there a way to get the cool fire dragon at my level cause I made a bet saying I could get one in under two months it s gonna cost me my mirror dragon

  15. Yi Thong Tan says

    I got news guys, good news! You can breed a cold star dragon. Here how:

    Archangle+ice dragon= cold star dragon.

    Trust me:)

  16. Toy Dulini says

    I think it works with any Dragon with the same elements as the medieval Dragon, it worked with my Steampunk Dragon.

  17. RSchnecke says

    Tried all sorts, then for fun tried Alpine and Volcano dragons and got Cool Fire first time. But reckon it’s still a percentage game.

  18. caillou says

    U can also get the cool fire dragon by breeding medival dragon lv.9 and snowflake dragon lv.10 u get cool fire dragon

  19. says

    does anybody in this forum knows how to breed millennium and Robin hood dragon? pleasezzzzz??? They are my favourites and if anyone replies thanks to them in advance

  20. says

    when i breed medivel and alphine dragon i got pearl dragon but in 2nd time i breed level 10 medivel dragon and level 8 alphine dragon then i got armadillow dragon

  21. Tj says

    I got it with a lvl 10 medieval and a lvl 10 snowflake dragon on the first try. I tried for weeks with the alpine and medieval to no avail.

  22. Terry says

    Ive been trying all the above mentioned combinations, and yet NO cool fire dragon…. its driving me absolutely crazy. Can someone please help?

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