Dragon City Breeding Guide With Pictures

Dragon City Breeding Chart Guide

Here is a brief combination guide on breeding dragons in Dragon City. Click on each tab to find out the different cute little dragons you can get. If you would like to learn how to get free Dragon City gems with some work, click here. For those who also play Monster Legends, I also made a breeding guide for it. If you find this page too slow, there is a faster version here.

Breeding Chart Terra

List of Terra Dragon Combinations

Terra + Flame = Flaming Rock or Volcano

Terra + Sea = Waterfall or Mud

Terra + Nature = Tropical or Cactus

Terra + Electric = Star or Chameleon

Terra + Ice = Snowflake or Alpine

Terra + Dark = Hedgehog or Venom

Please note that you cannot breed Terra and Dark together for Armadillo dragon.

Breeding Chart Flame

Flame Dragon Combinations

Flame + Terra = Flaming Rock or Volcano

Flame + Sea = Cloud or Blizzard

Flame + Nature = Firebird or Spicy

Flame + Electric = Hot Metal or Laser

Flame + Metal = Medieval or Steampunk

Flame + Dark = Vampire or Dark Fire

Please note that breeding Flame and Ice to get Cool Fire Dragon is not possible here.

Breeding Chart Sea July 2013 Update

Sea Dragon Combinations

Sea + Terra = Mud or Waterfall

Sea + Flame = Cloud or Blizzard

Sea + Nature = Nenufar or Coral

Sea + Electric = Storm or Lantern

Sea + Ice = Ice Cube or Ice Cream

Sea + Metal = Seashell or Mercury

Sea + Dark = Petroleum or Pirate

Breeding Chart Nature

Nature Dragon Combinations

Nature + Terra = Tropical or Cactus

Nature + Flame = Spicy or Firebird

Nature + Sea = Coral or Nenufar

Nature + Ice = Dandelion or Mojito

Nature + Metal = Dragonfly or Jade

Nature + Dark = Carnivore Plant or Rattle Snake

You cannot breed Electric and Nature directly to get Gummy Dragon.

Breeding Chart Electric

Electric Dragon Combinations

Electric + Terra = Star or Chameleon

Electric + Flame = Laser or Hot Metal

Electric + Sea = Storm or Lantern Fish

Electric + Ice = Fluorescent or Moose

Electric + Metal = Battery or Gold

Electric + Dark = Neon

Electric and Nature cannot be breed.

Breeding Chart Ice

Ice Dragon Combinations

Ice + Terra = Snowflake or Alpine

Ice + Sea = Ice Cube or Ice Cream

Ice + Nature = Dandelion or Mojito

Ice + Electric = Flourescent or Moose

Ice + Metal = Platinum or Pearl

Ice + Dark = Penguin

Ice and Fire cannot be breed directly to get Cool Fire Dragon.

Breeding Chart Metal

Metal Dragon Combinations

Metal + Flame = Medieval or Steampunk

Metal + Sea = Mercury or Seashell

Metal + Nature = Jade or Dragonfly

Metal + Electric = Battery or Gold

Metal + Ice = Platinum or Pearl

Metal + Dark = Zombie

Metal and Terra cannot be breed to get Armadillo Dragon.

Breeding Chart Dark July 2013 Update

Dark Dragon combinations

Dark + Terra = Hedgehog or Venom

Dark + Flame = Dark Fire or Vampire

Dark + Sea = Petroleum or Pirate

Dark + Nature = Carnivore Plant or Rattle Snake

Dark + Electric = Neon

Dark + Ice = Penguin

Dark + Metal = Zombie

Breeding Chart Rare Hybrids v1

Rare Hybrid Dragons

The above combinations is what I would use to get the rare hybrids.

Firebird(Flame+Nature) + Star(Terra+Electric) = Gummy

Medieval(Flame+Metal) + Alpine(Terra+Ice) = Armadillo or Cool Fire or Soccer

Red Woods + Petroleum will give you a shot at Leviathan. There are also other combinations. Any War hybrid and Sea hybrid will also yield the same result. Poo is no longer a rare hybrid and is actually an exclusive dragon. Petroleum and Pirate dragon are now regular hybrids after the Light/War update of July 2013.

Photon(Light+Electric) + Rattlesnake(Nature + Dark) = Fallen Angel

There are also plenty of other combinations that will give you the rare hybrids.

Breeding Chart Legendary July 2013 Update 2

These dragons are extremely powerful and useful in dragon city battles.

Since the July 2013 Light/War update, you will need to breed the pure or pure hybrids together for a chance to get the legendary dragons.

For example:

Pure + Pure Flame

Pure Ice + Pure Dark

Pure Terra + Pure Metal

Pure Electric + Pure Nature

The new breeding time for legendary dragons are 2 days and 6 hours.

Breeding Chart Pure July 2013 Update 2

Breeding Pure Dragons

These can be breed using any of the 4 legendary dragons. You can mix the similar ones as well. Either of these combos are good:

Mirror + Mirror = Pure

Legendary + Crystal = Pure

To get the pure elements, just use the generation 1 dragons and breed it with the Pure Unicorn get the respective elements.

Pure + Earth = Pure Earth

Pure + Flame = Pure Flame

Pure + Sea = Pure Sea

Pure + Nature = Pure Nature

Pure + Electric = Pure Electric

Pure + Ice = Pure Ice

Pure + Metal = Pure Metal

Pure Dark = Pure Dark

Pure Dark is the only one that has 2 heads. Pretty cool!

Breeding Chart - Exclusives Light+War Update


This is the newest group that is released by Social Point. People were complaining they could not complete their dragon collection. Please note that you must breed the dragons with the level requirements for a chance to get the them. Use any Legendary(Droconos, Wind, Nirobi, Legendary, Mirror or Crystal) and a rare hybrid with the required levels to obtain exclusives.

Level 10 Exclusives(Parents must be level 10 or higher):

Any Legendary + Armadillo  = Sky or Plankton

Any Legendary + Coolfire = Great White

Any Legendary + Gummy = Seahorse + Paradise

Level 15 Exclusives(Parents must be level 15 or higher):

Any Legendary + Armadillo = Deep Forest or Bat

Any Legendary + Coolfire = Music or Carnival

Any Legendary + Gummy= Emerald

Any Legendary + Soccer = Ruby or Fossil

Level 20 Exclusives(Parents must be level 20 or higher):

Any Legendary + Coolfire =  Angry or Diamond

Any Legendary+ Armadillo = Lava or Poo

Breeding Chart - Light v1

Light Dragon Combination List

(Archangel)Light + Terra = Justice

(Archangel)Light + Flame = Sun

(Archangel)Light + Sea = Luminsicent

(Archangel)Light + Nature = Gaia

(Archangel)Light + Electric = Photon

(Archangel)Light + Ice = Cold Star

(Archangel)Light + Metal = Rainbow

(Archangel)Light + War = Elfic

Light Dragon cannot be breed directly with Dark.

Breeding Chart - War v2

War Dragon Combination List

War+ Terra = Colossal

War + Flame = Juggernaut

War + Nature = Red Woods

War + Electric = Tesla

War + Ice = Nightwind

War + Metal = Panzer

War + Dark = Dark Stone

War + Light = Elfic

War Dragon cannot be breed directly with Sea.

There are also other combinations, but these are the easiest ones to get. Good luck with breeding! If you need any help, feel free to let me know by commenting below! You can also visit the dragon city guide here.

Opposite Elements

Below is a quick chart from wikia of the opposite elements that cannot be bred directly.

Dragon City Opposite Elements